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Free Georgia Playlists on Spotify

We’re sharing our Georgia-inspired playlists featuring the top artists from across the state, including Atlanta Rhythm Section, James Brown, Childish Gambino, and more. Whether you want to spark creativity from 9 to 5, dance your heart out, or soothe your soul, staying at home never sounded so good.

Keep scrolling through to listen to each playlist. There are instructions on how to use them at the bottom of this post. 

Work From Home

Find a burst of creativity and power through the day with some of Georgia’s top artists. Whether you need a little TLC or Luke Bryan, we’ve got you covered with a variety of tracks to make your Monday blues feel like a Friday afternoon.

Old School Dance Party

Add some soul to your next at-home jam session. Prepare to boogie around the kitchen, break it down on your back porch and groove in your garage for a social distance dance-off like no other! Our curated old school tracks bring the Georgia party to you.

Relax and Unwind

Caution: This playlist may cause excessive daydreams. From whimsical tracks by Faye Webster to a piano-laden ballad by the Zac Brown Band, close your eyes and let the tranquility of Georgia’s hit favorite artists take you away.

How to Use Spotify Playlists on Desktop/Mobile (app)

  • Click the 'play' icon on the playlist image to listen to the entire list of songs right on this page.
  • Choose an individual song you'd like to play by clicking the title in the playlist.
  • Click the Spotify icon in the top right corner of the playlist to open the playlist in the Spotify App (if downloaded).
  • Share the playlists with your friends on social media by clicking the 'share' icon below the Spotify logo.


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Published: April 2020