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Hiram Rosenwald School Historical Marker
Hiram Rosenwald School

In 1912 Julius Rosenwald, President of Sears, Roebuck and Company, established the Rosenwald Fund to assist in the community school construction of public schools of African American students in the South. The Julius Rosenwald Fund assisted local communities who raised additional funds. By the 1930s one in every five rural southern school for blacks had been constructed with aid from the Rosenwald Fund, a total of nearly five thousand schools throughout the South. The Hiram Rosenwald School opened in 1930 as the Hiram Colored School. It was the only Rosenwald School in Paulding County and, at that time, the only African-American school with a library in the county. The school operated from 1930 until 1955. Erected by the Georgia Historical Society, U.N.I.TE., and the Hiram Rosenwald School Preservation Committee.

Dedicated to the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage

  • The Hiram Colored School is one of the 242 Rosenwald Schools constructed in the State or Georgia, and is of seven Rosenwald Schools listed in the National Register of Historical Places in 2001;
  • There are only approximately 38 Rosenwald School structures still standing in the State of Georgia
  • The Hiram Colored School is the only building site associated with African-American Education and Heritage in Paulding County to receive National Recognition

Our Goals

  • To maintain the history of the Hiram Colored School for future generations
  • The Creation of the Hiram Rosenwald School Teaching Museum
  • To share the Historical and Cultural Significance of Rosenwald Schools in the Education of the African American (1930-1955) during Segregation
  • To promote the Hiram Rosenwald School’s Historical and Cultural Importance to the City of Hiram and the County of Paulding
  • To Provide a community Center in the City of Hiram, County of Paulding that represents the spirit of Our Communities Unity!
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