Fantasyland Records in Atlanta

Fantasyland Records in Atlanta

7 Worthy Albums for Your Georgia Music Collection

These iconic, vintage album covers are worth a scavenger hunt through record bins found throughout Georgia. Need a road map to a sampling of record stores throughout the state? Start here.

Chet Atkins – Picks on the Beatles album cover

Chet Atkins – Picks on the Beatles, 1966

Though it’s just an album of instrumental covers, Chet Atkins' "Picks on the Beatles" is kitschy '60s vinyl cover art at its best. Featured on the front is a custom-made Gretsch Country Gentleman 12-string guitar surrounded by four mop-top wigs. Atkins even sported a “Beatle” wig on the back cover.

Wet Willie album cover

Wet Willie – Wet Willie, 1971

With its Pop-Art style depicting their namesake of a terribly gross prank popularly played by grade school kids, Wet Willie’s debut self-titled album cover delivers exactly what you’d expect. The Capricorn Records band had a sound all their own – Southern rock that was less about guitars and more about strong blues-style vocals over funk-driven, easy-going grooves.

Elvin Bishop - Hog Heaven album cover

Elvin Bishop – Hog Heaven, 1978

"Hog Heaven" was Elvin Bishop's sixth release and his final album on the Capricorn label. It also marked the departure of vocalist Mickey Thomas, who joined Jefferson Starship. Bishop and his band were able to focus on their bluesy country boy roots, right down to the cover of "Hog Heaven," where an overall-clad Bishop stood front and center sharing a beer with a barnyard pig.

Millie Jackson - Hard Times album cover

Millie Jackson – Hard Times, 1982

To soul music fans, Thomson, Georgia, native Millie Jackson is known for her unabashedly brazen stage presence, but to most everyone else it's her over-the-top album covers that got their attention. It would be easy to include the memorable bathroom scene cover of "Back to the Sh*!," but the cover of "Hard Times" is just too socially and politically spot-on to ignore. Multiple Grammy-nominated art and creative director Bill Levy concepted a Norman Rockwell-inspired Saturday Evening Post-style cover with Millie as the main character, pinching pennies at the grocery store.

Black Crowes - Amorica censored album cover

Black Crowes - Amorica, 1994

The Black Crowes third studio album "Amorica" used artwork from a bicentennial-themed issue of Hustler magazine. The provocative close-up image of a woman wearing an American flag-printed thong was banned from Wal-Mart and K-Mart and ultimately led to the release of a censored cover featuring the thong on a solid black background.

OutKast - ATLiens album cover

OutKast – ATLiens, 1996

LaFace Records art director Nigel Sawyer and illustrator Vince Robinson collaborated with OutKast artistically pulling inspiration from the comic style of Spawn and the '70s aesthetics of album covers from Parliament Funkadelic. Image Comic’s Todd McFarlane passed on the opportunity, opening up Frank Gomez to see it through, but LaFace thought the likeness of Big Boi was lacking. Robinson stepped in and fixed it all with a simple accessory – a Braves logo ball cap over one eye.

Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun album cover

Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun, 2014

Mastodon vocalist and bassist Troy Sanders touted "Once More 'Round the Sun" as being "from another dimension." And he didn’t just mean the music. Drummer Brann Dailor approached Oakland, Calif., artist Skinner about doing the project justice with a depiction of the universe. All three panels of the completed piece can be seen if you purchase the vinyl pressing.

Published: October 2019