Saturday On The Ranch

Event Date

Saturday, December 9, 2023
10:00am - 2:00pm


Dates & times for December 2023
Saturday, December 9, 2023 10:00am - 2:00pm


Wild Mustang Ranch
560 C Swick Circle Rd
Lyons GA 30436
WMR Welcome's You To "Saturday On The Ranch"

Enjoy a day out at Wild Mustang Ranch(WMR) where guests will enjoy meeting, spending time with, and learning from our Wild American Mustangs. The day will include guided sessions out in the pasture and in the round pen, led by members of the WMR Staff. Sessions will include getting to meet the main herd of 20+ wild horses out in the pasture, accompanied by WMR Staff. Guests who would like to spend some time alone with the herd will be allowed to do so. Following time with the herd, guests will enjoy a working one-one-one session in the rohndpen with a horse selected by WMR Staff. The session will begin with a WMR staff in the roundpen with the participant and the horse, and if the guest wishes to continue the session on their own, they may do so.

Working with horses, and especially wild ones, is a profound experience. Horses enjoy a very keen sense of awareness, which makes them great teachers and companions for us humans to learn from. Guests at Saturday On The Ranch will get to experience first-hand the power of this companionship, the memories of which will last a life-time. 

About Wild American Mustangs & WMR
American Mustangs are a treasure to our national history, and their spirit embodies that of the American Spirit. Wild Mustang Ranch is a place of sanctuary, rehabilitation and rejuvenation for wild mustangs that have been adopted through Bureau Of Land Management auctions and other similar events. Mustangs adopted through these events may find their forever home at WMR, or they may be re-adopted to other loving forever homes. Part of the work at WMR includes training/taming wild mustangs so that they can enjoy their new way of life either on the ranch or elsewhere. (*Those who would like to inquire about adopting a mustang should contact WMR directly)

WMR also provides a number of Equine-Assisted Coaching and Events, including Saturday On The Ranch, Basic Clinics, Golf On The Ranch, Golf Performance Coaching, Leadership Coaching and more. Additional information can be found on the WMR Website (

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