Garden and Gun Club Bar in Georgia

New Garden & Gun Club Salutes R.E.M. with Cocktail Names

The Garden & Gun Club, a new restaurant, cocktail lounge and social club from the folks behind the Southern-focused Garden & Gun Magazine, has opened in The Battery, the cluster of eateries and hangouts adjacent to the Atlanta Braves’ Cobb County home, SunTrust Park. And if you’re having trouble deciding on which of their boozy concoctions to imbibe, perhaps it’d be easier just to pick your favorite R.E.M. song.

Each of the G&G Club’s six “original” cocktails (as opposed to standard Southern traditionals such as a Mint Julep or Old-Fashioned, which they also offer) is named after songs by R.E.M. So hum along as you treat yourself to a “Radio Free Europe” (Campari, Pastis, Vermut, sparkling wine and citrus) “Pretty Persuasion” (gin, ginger, Aperol, Dimmi and lime) or “South Central Rain” (vodka, Cocchi, Americano, apricot and lemon). Just limit yourself to one – or make sure you have a Designated Driver (Eight).

Published: June 2018