Howard Finster's Paradise Garden


200 North Lewis Street
Summerville GA 30747
At the age of 59 in 1976, Finster received a vision from God to create 5000 sacred works. After completing this number in 1985, Finster went on to produce over 46,991 works before his death in October 2001.

Howard Finster delighted in collecting and displaying his accumulation of odd objects, tools, antiques, and curios. Even as a young man he built a museum to display his collection of American Indian relics and handmade woodwork. Many self-taught artists and visionary builders throughout the country have maintained museum environments—whether it was to attract visitors, entertain neighbors, or to lend legitimacy to their unorthodox creative endeavors. These roadside museums and gardens were a part of Finster’s youth.

Finster felt compelled to celebrate the inventions of mankind and the unique attributes of individuals whom he felt deserving of recognition. In the “Exhibit House” on his property in Trion, Georgia, Finster assembled tools and curiosities that validated his belief in the creative, God-given talents of inventors, scientists, and industry giants. He would later immortalize these subjects in thousands of paintings. In 1961, when his family moved to their new home in Pennville, Finster took with him the nucleus of his museum/garden vision. There he began to construct what many feel was his greatest artistic work: the Plant Farm Museum, known later as Paradise Garden.

For field trip or group rates, you may contact or give us a call at 706-808-0800.

Tours through the Garden are self-guided and include a short informational video on Howard Finster every half hour.

Getting to Paradise Garden:

We are located at 200 North Lewis Street, Summerville, GA 30747, which is about 3 miles north of downtown Summerville and 2 blocks south of the Walmart in Trion, GA.  A common problem with using Google maps is that it may take you to the northern part of Lewis Street in Summerville.  A safe way to know you are on the right path to finding Paradise Garden is by checking the mile markers.  We are just past mile marker 13 on Hwy 27.  After you reach mile marker 13, turn right onto Rena Street and go 3 blocks to the dead end of Lewis Street, not to be confused with a previous entrance at Knox Street, and you are entering Paradise.  If you get turned around, give us a call at 706-808-0800!  


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