The Partridge Inn Rooftop Bar in Augusta, Georgia
The Partridge Inn Rooftop Bar in Augusta, Georgia

Highlights from The Excursion's First Season

Recreate David Zelski's adventures on your own excursion in Georgia!

In the first season of "The Excursion," host David Zelski traveled throughout Georgia from the charming Southern Appalachians to the state's pristine coast, taking on a variety of adventures. Here are a few of his favorites.

Tank Town USA in Blue Ridge

At Tank Town near Blue Ridge, guests can drive tanks over cars for thrilling fun. - Photo courtesy Tank Town, Facebook

In the Blue Ridge, Georgia, episode of “The Excursion,” host David Zelski crushes cars in a tank, goes mountain biking, tests his baking skills and navigates a ropes course. Whether you want to drive a military tank, military truck or construction equipment, Tank Town USA has it all. Professional instructors will put you in the driver's seat as you navigate a 5-acre course designed to let you test what these vehicles can do! It's a fun, fast paced, and exciting adventure for all ages. 

Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville

Photo via Sunburst Adventures on Facebook

In the Georgia Alpine episode of "The Excursion," host David Zelski zips through the Southern Appalachians. With ATVs, zip lines, an animal farm and much more, Sunburst Adventures is bursting with activities for the whole family.

Active Climbing Indoor Rock Climbing and Ninja Center in Augusta

Active Climbing in Augusta

In the Augusta episode of "The Excursion," host David Zelski explores the canals, rapids, trails and ninja-inspired rock walls of Augusta. One of Augusta’s newest attractions, Active Climbing Augusta will test your endurance with 30-foot-tall rope climbing, World Cup-style bouldering and ninja warrior obstacles.

Hot Sushi Surf School on Tybee Island

Hot Sushi surf school on Tybee Island

In the Savannah and Tybee Island episode of "The Excursion," host David Zelski flies a powered hang glider, runs the McQueen's Island Trail, goes fishing, learns how to surf, and rides a fat tire bike on the beach. You can learn to surf, too! Hot Sushi’s Happy Surf Camp Aloha welcomes you to kids surf camps, private lessons, group lessons and private surf parties. Surfboard rentals and sales also are available.

Cohen's Retreat in Savannah

Cohen's Retreat in Savannah

In the Moon River District episode of "The Excursion," host David Zelski learns about Savannah's Moon River District and enjoys dinner and a night at Cohen's Retreat. This iconic landmark of Savannah's history has been transformed into a destination for fabulous food and unique shopping. Cohen's Retreat also has charming cottages available for rent.

Published: February 2018