Sleep in a train at FLS Caboose in Folkston, Georgia

Sleep in a train at FLS Caboose in Folkston, Georgia

Four Sassy Georgia Sleepovers

The camel’s whiskers tickled my cheek, searching for an opening to enjoy some of my morning coffee. Waking up with camels is all part of the plan at the North Georgia Zoo.

Sue and a friendly camel at North Georgia Zoo and Petting Farm, Cleveland, Ga.
Sue and a friendly camel at North Georgia Zoo and Petting Farm

Overnight campers set up tents or campers next to the camels for sleepovers at the zoo, protected by the Great Pyrenees dogs that roam the perimeter of the property at night. The evening’s entertainment is a flashlight walk through the empty zoo and some up-close animal encounters. Howling with the wolves is optional.

If you’re looking for something a little different than your standard hotel room, why not try one of these overnight adventures in Georgia?

Georgia Aquarium. Photo by Gregory Ng, @followgreg

Sleep with the fish at the Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium photo by Gregory Ng, @followgreg

It’s not every day you can wake up to a whale shark watching you. OK, so he probably isn’t watching you, but you could watch him all night long if you want during a sleepover at the Georgia Aquarium. Enjoy the aquarium without the crowds and get a personal tour of the different habitats.

Paddle-in camping at Reed Bingham State Park in Adel, Georgia

Sleep on a private island at Reed Bingham State Park

Private islands are usually reserved for the rich and famous, but campers with a sense of adventure can paddle to their own personal retreat. Reed Bingham State Park in Adel has a tiny island in the middle of its 375-acre lake. With just a 15-minute paddle, campers will find picnic tables, a fire pit and total privacy. No canoe? No problem. The park rents both canoes and kayaks.

The Folkston Funnel in Folkston, Georgia

Sleep in a train car in Folkston

Beside the railroad tracks in Folkston stands a renovated train car outfitted as the ultimate sleepover spot for train fans. Railroad enthusiasts love the frequent trains that pass through town and gather to watch them go by at the Folkston Funnel Platform. Retire for the night in the FLS Caboose at the Roadmasters Lodge, and you can count trains instead of sheep as you drift off to dreamland.

Tree climbing with Sue Rodman at Panola Mountain State Park in Stockbridge, Georgia

Sleep in a tree at Panola Mountain

It’s not just for the birds anymore. At Panola Mountain State Park, climb a tree and spend the night viewing the stars through the canopy. During ZZZs in the Trees, your bed is a hammock high in the treetop. Hopefully, you won't need to go to the bathroom until morning.

Published: May 2021
Written by: Sue Rodman
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