Downtown Covington, Georgia, at twilight

Downtown Covington, Georgia, at twilight

Follow Georgia's Undead Trail of Zombies and Vampires

Seek out the famous haunts from Georgia movies and TV shows starring your favorite undead characters.

Take a 93-mile journey through urban landscapes and trendy downtowns, to a variety of film locations, attractions and restaurants known as haunts for zombies and vampires. On Georgia's Undead Trail of Zombies and Vampires, get up close and personal to the filming locations that transformed Georgia towns into the facades for the communities of Alexandria, Mystic Falls and New Orleans.

We Suck, We Bite & We Love It!

Downtown Covington, Georgia

Downtown Covington, Georgia


The heart of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries," Covington's beautiful downtown square serves as the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Fans can find a variety of filming favorites, including the Mystic Grill Restaurant, On Location Gifts and the famous Courthouse Clocktower, which happens to be one of Damon's favorite places to hang out. When you are not looking for vampires, Covington has many wonderful restaurants, boutiques and a beautiful square park.

The Originals Tour in Conyers, Georgia

The Originals Tour in Conyers, Georgia


Olde Town Conyers, known to moonlight as New Orleans’s French Quarter, is the filming home to The CW's "The Originals" (a spinoff of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries"). This historic district lends itself to many scenes, such as The Jardin Gris VooDoo Shop, Gillespie's Pub (aka The Celtic Tavern Irish Pub & Restaurant), The Witches Cauldron and many outdoor cafe scenes. In between staking out vampires, there are many choices for fans to grab a quick “bite”!

Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta

Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta, Georgia


Television and film industries are bustling in Atlanta, and there's no time like the present to visit ATLwood. Whether it's "The Walking Dead," "The Blind Side," "Anchorman 2" or one of the many other movies filmed in Atlanta, Atlanta can offer you a variety of iconic photo locations, guided tours and more!

Alexandria in Senoia, Georgia

Alexandria in Senoia, Georgia


"The Perfect Setting. For Life." Senoia's charming downtown district served as the backdrop for AMC's "The Walking Dead." Follow in the footsteps of the cast and crew by exploring Senoia's downtown -- better known to Walkers as the town of Woodbury, where fans were introduced to the Governor in Season 3. Show buffs may also glimpse the Gin Property, which served as Alexandria since Season 4.

The Real Woodbury Zombie Geoquest

The Real Woodbury Zombie Geoquest in Woodbury, Georgia


Come check out the REAL Woodbury, a mostly zombie-free zone. No promises, though, on the eerie streets or cemeteries! While you're visiting, be sure to do the Zombie Geoquest, and find all of the body parts and weapons on the loose. Or, shop the treasure-filled antique stores and visit the REAL Woodbury City Park on Main. And last, but not least, stop by Smitty's Restaurant to take a "bite" out of the delicious Zombie Burger or Zombie Dog. Be sure to grab a selfie at the REAL Woodbury welcome sign before you leave town!

Published: October 2019
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