Water view of the Georgia National Fair at sunset with rides and carnival in the background

The Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia.

Top Things to Do at the Georgia National Fair

Every October, the sweet aroma of funnel cakes and kettle corn fills the air at the Georgia National Fair in Perry. This 11-day event draws visitors from near and far with its dazzling lights, unforgettable live performances and classic carnival rides. To commemorate the fair’s 34th year, we’re taking a look at its top attractions.

Child petting a goat at the petting zoo at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Petting zoo exhibit at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Animal Attractions

The Georgia National Fair isn’t just a carnival, it’s a celebration of the state’s leading industry: agriculture. At Reaves Arena, you’ll catch livestock shows featuring your favorite farm animals like cattle, sheep and goats. The Robinson’s Racing Pigs event pits these curly-tailed contenders against each other in a heated showdown for a delicious grand prize: an OREO cookie! Featured on NBC’s Tonight Show and ABC’s Wide World of Sports, this event will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

Speaking of excitement, Cirque Ma’Ceo has mesmerized guests from coast to coast with its showcase of 10 majestic horse breeds. Watch the international cast of performers as they take on some of the most challenging horseback techniques like Roman riding and Cossack trick riding.

Other animal attractions include Sea Lion Splash, the only traveling, self-contained sea lion show in the country, and Eudora Farms Petting Zoo, offering the chance to get up close and personal with more than 55 exotic animals like “Little Joe” the wallaby and “Humphrey” the camel.

People walking by rides at night at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Amusement rides at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Amusement Rides

One of the most endearing aspects of the Georgia National Fair is its ability to enchant visitors, both young and old. While pint-sized fairgoers fill their hearts with new experiences, adults can look back on three decades of memories they’ve created at the fair. If there’s one thing that creates these long-lasting memories, it’s a ride on the Ferris wheel. From the top, you’ll see a world of possibilities unfold with panoramic views of the 1,100-acre fairgrounds. Use this opportunity to scout out your next ride and snap a scrapbook-worthy photo. Once your feet are firmly on the ground, take your kiddies to rides like the mini teacups, Magic Bus and the Dizzy Dragon. Teens can test their courage on rides like Pharaoh’s Fury and the Fire Ball. Be sure to read through the fair’s ride requirements before you plan your day.

Woman standing behind the cotton candy stand displaying cotton candy and caramel apples at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Cotton candy, candy and caramel apples stand at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Fair Food

The Georgia National Fair Food Fight tasked vendors with creating zany new recipes for guests to discover, and saying they succeeded at this would be an understatement. Now, you can dig into a Mother Clucker pizza featuring Chick-fil-A sauce, breaded chicken and dill pickle chips, or indulge your sweet tooth with treats like a Salted Caramel Turtle Funnel Cake or a Lava Sunset Float. (Be sure to vote for your favorite food to ensure its return next year.)

Want to support Georgia farmers? Head to the Georgia Grown Pavilion where you can shop for locally sourced products like beef jerky, peach-pecan preserves and honey. Stick around for chef demonstrations to learn new recipe ideas for home.

Man playing the piano on the strolling piano at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Strolling piano at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Live Concerts

At the Georgia National Fair, the music comes to you via the Strolling Piano street performer. This mobile, self-contained piano captivates fairgoers as it glides effortlessly through the streets. You might even catch other street performers like the stilt circus and The Fritters dancing along to its groovy tunes.

Nestled along the fairground pond, you’ll find Georgia National Stage, offering both free and paid concerts in their outdoor venue. Genres like rock, country, worship and pop music can be heard across the fairgrounds.

Water skiing event at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Water skiing at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia

Extreme Water Skiing

The Nerveless Nocks are a group of high-flying acrobats who grace every corner of the globe with their remarkable stunts. But there’s nothing quite like the extreme water-skiing show that they perform at the Georgia National Fair each year. During this epic red-white-and-blue salute to America, onlookers are spellbound by long-distance stunt jumps and even a full-blown ballet on skis. The pinnacle of the performance, however, is the six-person human pyramid that rounds out the show. The crowd will erupt in thunderous applause as Angelina Nock herself waves the American flag from atop the pyramid. After this impressive show of athleticism and patriotism, treat yourself to an explosive finale with the fair’s nightly fireworks show.

Published: July 2023
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