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The historic train depot - one of the last remaining stone depots built by the Georgia Railroad - is Crawford’s center point. The downtown area is home to several historic houses and the historic Crawford Schoolhouse. Both the depot and the schoolhouse are currently being renovated. Visitors love Crawford’s outdoor activities, like the nature trails at Bryan Park.
  • Historic Crawford Depot

The center point of the city of Crawford is the historic train depot (currently under restoration), which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the last remaining stone depots built by the Georgia Railroad. This historic train depot serves as the Oglethorpe County Chamber of Commerce office and local welcome center.

The adjacent park is a gathering place for residents from all over the county. There are several historic houses in the downtown area that lend the city an historic air despite the commercial growth here. The historic Crawford Schoolhouse is nearby and is being renovated by Arts Oglethorpe into a performing and visual arts venue. Near the center of town is Bryan Park, which features recreational facilities such as ball fields, tennis courts, a pond and nature trails.

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US Highway 78/ GA 10 in downtown Crawford

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