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Looking for local flavor? Head to Hawkinsville where local flavor is all the rage. Visit M&T Meats, an old fashioned meat market with lots of character and a butcher to customize your cuts. Head down the road to Hardy Farms for one of Georgia's most famous crops, peanuts.
  • Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce/Welcome Center

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  • Tom and Sandy's Horseshoe Restaurant

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  • Veteran's Memorial Park

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  • Peanut Field

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  • Southern Hills Golf and Country Club

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  • M&T Meats

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  • Historic Cabero House

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  • Downtown Hawkinsville

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  • Downtown Hawkinsville

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  • Historic St. Luke's Episcopal Church

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  • Ocmulgee River

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  • Ocmulgee River

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  • The Old Opera House

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  • Harness Horse Training Center

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  • Pulaski County Courthouse

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The City of Hawkinsville is known as the "Harness Horse Capital of Georgia," and is the home to one of the largest harness racing training facilities in the country. The town has had a long history of horse racing, and celebrates the Hawkinsville Harness Horse Festival every spring. Visit the winding Ocmulgee River at the Mile Branch River Park and boat landing. The park is equipped with restrooms, pavilions and primitive camping sites. Explore Owen and Williams Fish Farm to see how fish are raised from a tiny speck to mature adults.

Visitor Information Center

46 S. Lumpkin St.
Hawkinsville, GA 31036

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Phone: 478-783-1717

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