Knoxville Historic Heartland

Knoxville’s annual JugFest and Old Knoxville Days Festival draw visitors from throughout the region to celebrate the community’s pottery tradition. Located in Crawford County on the Peach Blossom Trail, Knoxville has two buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places: the Crawford County Courthouse and the Old Crawford County Jail.

Knoxville was founded in 1823 as seat of Crawford County. It was incorporated as a town in 1825. The former city's municipal charter was dissolved in 1995 pursuant to a Georgia law that abolished city governments that were defunct or minimally operative.

Surrounding the stately historic county courthouse are monuments and historic plaques honoring notable residents, including John Pemberton, who developed the formula for Coca-Cola and was born in Crawford County near Knoxville, Georgia. Monuments to Joanna Troutman, seamstress of the forerunner to the Texas state flag, and to Georgia's first African American U.S. congressman Jefferson Franklin Long also stand nearby.  Visit the Crawford County Historical Society to learn about the community's pottery tradition. Historic markers designate the Bartram Trail (William Bartram discovered Oak Leaf Hydrangea in Crawford) and the Wire Trail.

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