Metter Magnolia Midlands

Most popularly known for Guido Gardens, Metter also is a frequent stop for travelers along Interstate 16. Guido Gardens is a sought after location for the home of the Sower. The serene gardens and meditation chapel are definitely a place you can recharge.
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Metter, Ga. is known as the home for Guido Gardens, which has become a source of restoration, peace and solitude for thousands of visitors each year. Adjacent to Guido Gardens is the Sower Studio, the TV taping home of "The Sower".

Metter maintains two locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places - the Candler County Courthouse and the South Metter Residential Historic District, a neighborhood comprised of numerous late 19th and early 20th century homes.

Downtown Metter is a perfect stop for lunch or finding a perfect gift. At the local welcome center, you can find a place to rest and relax from your drive; find information for the City of Metter, Candler County and for all parts of Georgia; picnic outside and feed the welcoming geese and ducks; and much more. Stop in and see for yourself why "Everything is Better in Metter!"

Visitor Information Center

1210 S. Lewis St.
Metter, GA 30439

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Phone: 912-685-2159

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