Websters Christmas Tree Farm


1394 Websters Christmas Tree Farm Road S.E
Darien GA 31305
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As you enter the gate to Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm, you will find a very special place set among giant live oaks that dominate the landscape. Located in Meridian, Georgia, along the coast of McIntosh County, the farm was opened for Christmas tree sales in 1978 by the present owners Harold and Jackie Webster. This tree farm has been a “family tradition” for hundreds of families. Children who came to the farm to choose their favorite tree with their parents now come with their children…and the tradition continues from generation to generation.

The Christmas tree farm began in the 1960s when Harold’s parents began clearing land on the 78-acre farm to plant Christmas trees. His parents moved to Savannah and the Christmas tree farm was closed. Harold returned to Meridian in 1977, after serving 5 years in the U.S. Army as a helicopter aviator, and married Jackie in 1978. Together they started selling the tops of tall Christmas trees and began to clear land and replant. Working together, with their four children helping when needed, the farm has grown and prospered. Today the farm is 115 acres with approximately 20 acres planted in Christmas trees. If you come to the farm on Thanksgiving weekend you will be greeted by Harold and Jackie, their four children with spouses, the grandchildren, and Harold’s sister Susan.

Currently, four tree varieties are grown on the farm. All trees are hand planted and trimmed two times per year to achieve that classic Christmas tree shape. Trees are usually large enough to sell after five years of growth. 2500 – 3000 seedlings are planted each year among the five fields. When you wander the fields you will see trees from 1 foot tall to 10 plus feet tall. Take the time to enjoy the fragrances and textures as you smell and touch the trees. Each variety has its own unique characteristics which sometimes make it difficult to choose a tree.

The Websters invite you to put on your hat and boots, a coat if cool, and come on out to the farm. You will have an enjoyable experience as you choose your tree and you will know it’s fresh as it was harvested after being chosen. Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm excels in customer service. They cut your tree, shake it, net it, and load it for you. Tree stands, fresh hand-made wreaths, and fresh hand-made garlands are available in the gift shop. During most weekends, BBQ ribs are available to take home for the afternoon ball game or evening meal. The Webster family hopes you make Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm your “Family Tradition!”

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