Hogpen Gap on the Appalchian Trail in the North Georgia mountains. Photo by @trevorjonesphoto
Appalachian Trail
Escape isn't worlds away. It's in your backyard.

Travel right now is … complicated. But, the good news is there are tons of places right here in Georgia to explore. You can discover new parts of the state and enjoy a much-needed breath of fresh air. Whether that’s hiking with your furry best friend or trying out a new outdoor activity solo, you’re only a short drive from a stunning change of scenery. You’ll discover experiences and sights that will make your backyard a pretty great place to be. It’s time to explore your Georgia.

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The natural beauty of fall in Georgia is best experienced on scenic drives, leisurely hikes, and on overlooks perched perfectly to take in the colorful mosaic of leaves. Catch a falling leaf, breathe in the cool air, cook dinner over a campfire, and feel refreshed by the gift of perfect weather.

Winter in Georgia is the perfect time to take in the state's scenery on brisk hikes and long, leisurely road trips. Brighten up the holidays by visiting awe-inspiring light displays, and soak up the festive spirit as you shop for gifts in charming towns.

North Georgia is home to thousands of acres of state parks and national forest. Within this wooded and mountainous region are miles of trails, hundreds of waterfalls, charming towns, lakes, rivers, and streams. Just make a plan, pack your gear, and get ready to experience the beauty of nature.

With 64 state parks and historic sites and 11 national parks, it’s easy to spread out and find your space in Georgia’s parks. Explore the foothills of the Appalachian Trail, cool off in the waters of Lake Blackshear in south Georgia, or get lost in history at the boyhood home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In Georgia, you'll find charming small towns tucked into mountainsides, scattered among rolling farmlands, and dotted along the coast. These places are quintessential Georgia, captivating in both their beauty and uniqueness. And, a small town with a small footprint is a great place to duck the crowds and find some space.

You can be on island time in no time at all. Georgia has 100 miles of coast just a quick drive away. With uniquely preserved history paired with wild beauty, Georgia’s coast is the perfect place to spread out and take in the scenery. 

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