3 Atlanta In-Town Nature Preserves to Explore this Spring

Suspension bridge at Morningside Nature Preserve in Atlanta, Georgia

The weather is getting warmer; it’s time to start exploring! If you live in Atlanta or you're planning a visit soon, these three hikes should be on your bucket list. They are short but packed with plenty of punch for a fun time the kids will adore!

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve


Cascade Springs Nature Preserve photo by Lesli Peterson
Cascade Springs Nature Preserve photo by Lesli Peterson


This is one of my boys' favorite in-town hikes, located on the southwest side of the city. They love the waterfall and the large boulders. And at just under two miles, it's ideal for even the youngest of kiddos.

In addition to being a fun hike, there is also great history here. The spring waters here were once bottled and sold, thought to have healing powers. You'll also find Civil War earth mounds from the past. You’ll find Cascade Springs video here.

Morningside Nature Preserve


Morningside Nature Preserve photo by Lesli Peterson
Morningside Nature Preserve photo by Lesli Peterson


This urban escape includes boardwalk, brush walk, a suspension bridge and water play! Expect a walk just under three miles if you walk the whole thing. If you have kids or a water-loving pooch, you'll be hard-pressed to move beyond the bridge and sandy stream (which was fine with us!)

This could easily be an entire day of fun, so think about packing a picnic and bringing some friends! See more photos here.

Blue Heron Nature Preserve


Blue Heron Nature Preserve, Facebook
Blue Heron Nature Preserve, Facebook


Tucked in Buckhead you'll find a gorgeous trail with a boardwalk, community garden, water-play opportunities in Nancy Creek…and an afternoon of fun!  The trail is short – less than a mile – but still worthy of a visit.

Don't miss the Wetland Pond, the sandbar, bee hives and the USGS Weather Site along the trail. The parking and office area is shared with the Atlanta Audubon Society, which is also a special treat. 

Published: March 2017
Written by: Lesli Peterson