Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah, Georgia

Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia. Photo by @visitsavannah

Forrest Gump Film Tour

See where Forrest waited for the bus, choose a box of chocolates, and more in Savannah.

Perhaps one of the most beloved American films of the last 30 years, "Forrest Gump" tells of a simple man from Alabama who is present at the century's most important moments, including the March on Washington and the Vietnam War. Along with his best friend Jenny, he lives an extraordinary life. The film, starring Tom Hanks, went on to win six Academy Awards and filmed throughout the United States. But the scenes in Savannah continue to draw visitors to iconic locations in the historic city.

Run to these iconic Savannah destinations

Tom Hanks filming Forrest Gump

Chippewa Square

Savannah is known for its tree-lined squares, which break up the grid that the city is set upon. Each has a different name and focal point, but Chippewa Square is one of the most well-known. Located at the intersections of Bull and McDonough streets, the square was designed in 1815 and commemorates a battle in the War of 1812. A statue of General Oglethorpe sits in the middle, but it’s the film history that brings visitors. Forrest’s iconic bench scene took place here, but the bench is now housed in the Savannah History Museum. A fun fact is that traffic on the square had to be reversed for the bus to pick up Forrest on the iconic bench.

Forrest Gump bench at the Savannah History Museum

Savannah History Museum

Learn about the history of Georgia’s first city at the Savannah History Museum. The museum, set in a former passenger rail station, has more than 10,000 artifacts from the last 300 years. Among the highlights in the museum are an antique cotton gin, one of Johnny Mercer’s Oscars and Juliette Gordon Low’s family carriage. But it’s Forrest Gump’s bench that the museum is best known for, left behind from the film production.

Love's Seafood & Steaks in Savannah

Love's Seafood & Steaks

Set on the Ogeechee River outside of downtown Savannah, Love's Seafood & Steaks offers a rustic atmosphere and the best and freshest seafood around. Local beer, steaks and desserts are also on the menu at this eatery that has been a coastal Georgia favorite for more than 60 years. The restaurant was used as the setting for the scene with Jenny’s performance at the truck stop in "Forrest Gump."

Published: May 2024
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