Moody Forest Wildlife Management Area


3533 E. River Rd.
Baxley GA 31513


  • One of the following is required: Hunting license, Fishing license, Georgia Lands Pass: $Visit website -

Moody Forest Wildlife Management Area encompasses 2,700 acres of state-owned property and 1,732 acres owned by The Nature Conservancy. Moody Forest is an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind treasure. One of the nation's last remaining old-growth forest featuring longleaf pines 200-300 years old and mammoth tupelo cypress more than 600 years old. The forest is also home to rare plants, birds, and animals, including the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, the gopher tortoise and the eastern indigo snake. This wildlife management area offers opportunities for hunting deer, turkey, and squirrel. It also has a designated hiking trail.

Facility Amenities
  • Free Parking
  • Boat Launch
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  • All Ages
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