Strawberry Harvest

From Fruit to Nuts, When to Pick Your Favorites in Georgia

Strawberry picking in North Georgia.
Strawberry picking in North Georgia.

Each season Georgia has a new crop ready to be harvested. When is the season for your favorite fruit?

Strawberries – Each April through July, strawberries ripen in fields across Georgia. Prime season is in May and June. Each spring, North Georgia’s Jaemor Farms celebrates the harvest with a family-friendly festival.

Peaches – From early May to August, you’ll find ripe peaches on trees throughout the state. During the late summer, the City of Kennesaw hosts the annual Pigs & Peaches Festival celebrating the beloved fruit and some of the state’s best barbecue. Add to your peach-loving fun with a visit to Georgia’s Peach Blossom Trail.

Byne Blueberry Farms in Waynesboro grows organic berries.
Byne Blueberry Farms in Waynesboro grows organic berries.

Blueberries – From mid-April through the end of July, Georgia’s blueberry harvest is at its peak. If you prefer organic blueberries, visit Byne Blueberry Farms in Waynesboro, the oldest organic blueberry farm in the state and the third oldest in the nation.

Apples – You’ll find apples ripe in orchards from late July to October. Throughout that time, the state hosts numerous apple-themed festivals, including the Georgia Apple Festival in Ellijay, which spans two weekends.

PecansPecans are in their prime in October through December in Georgia. According to the Georgia Pecan Commission, the state’s trees produce over 100 million pounds of the nuts each year. Stop into Ellis Brothers Pecans in Vienna (home to the Big Pig Jig annual barbecue cooking contest in November) and fill up on roasted, glazed, spiced, chocolate-covered, candied and any other variation of the nut you can imagine.


Published: May 2016
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