Road to Tara Museum

On the first pages of the novel "Gone With the Wind", the small community of Clayton County was written into history. Margaret Mitchell set her literary classic here because the stories of Clayton County's past were what inspired the people and places at the heart of her novel. Now known as the Official Home of Gone With the Wind, thousands of visitors travel here seeking Scarlett O'Hara and the mythical Tara. Be captivated by a restored plantation, and delighted by the historic bus tours and the Road to Tara Museum. Discover the natural beauty of our parks, fishing reservoirs and award-winning golf facilities. Enjoy family fun at The Beach, a six-acre lake and an outdoor area featuring hiking, biking, tennis and volleyball. The Beach was formerly a venue for the 1996 Olympic Games and part of the film sites for Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Come experience real southern hospitality in Atlanta's True South, just 15 miles south of Atlanta.

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Jonesboro, GA
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