Geocache in Georgia

A Geocaching Adventure in Clayton County

It’s always fun to uncover hidden treasures, and geocaching is a great way to discover places you might not visit or see an old favorite location in a new light.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt where participants use a GPS system to find boxes filled with trinkets, or in the case of Clayton County, trading cards. Participants take a trading card from the box and leave a trinket or card of their own. Some boxes also contain stamps for participants to collect and a logbook to record your find.

Geocaching Clayton County

The caches in Clayton County are all located at various tourist sights and attractions. Each cache contains a trading card specific to the location, giving quick facts about each historic site. To find the caches in Clayton County, visit and search all geocaches by username "hidden" and use the handle "VisitScarlett." Hunters who find three or more caches can show their trading cards and receive a prize at the Clayton County Visitor Center located inside the historic train depot in downtown Jonesboro. Once you find the caches, make sure to write your name in the logbook, too.

Published: February 2015
Written by: Sue Rodman