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Haunted Georgia Coloring Pages

Grab your crayons, coloring pencils, markers, or paint! We’ve turned locations on the Haunted Georgia Halloween Road Trip into coloring pages, perfect for a rainy day or calming activity as you watch horror movies and spooky shows made in Georgia.

Visit Atlanta's Historic Oakland Cemetery to see if you can hear the sounds of roll call echoing across the cobblestones. Tour Covington, and see why that town was cast to play Mystic Falls in "The Vampire Diaries." Hear ghost stories in Milledgeville. Or stay at the 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant in Savannah for a chance encounter with the three ghosts that call it home.

Learn about these unique destinations, and then let your creative juices flow, adding your own take on each location. And, for more things to do this Halloween, visit Explore Georgia's Haunted Georgia page.

Instructions: To use coloring pages, click each individual page you'd like to download. This will open a new window/tab to download the pages. Once downloaded, print, and enjoy!

Haunted Georgia Road Trip map

Haunted Georgia map

Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta

Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta

Downtown Covington

Downtown Covington

17Hundred90 Inn in Savannah

17Hundred90 Inn in Savannah

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Published: September 2023
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