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Dinglewood Pharmacy in Columbus, Georgia

Three of Our Favorite Soda Fountains in Georgia

Kids loved them for the ice cream treats. Teens used them as the local hangout after school. Adults found them an easy place for a quick lunch. The soda fountain was a mainstay for many small Georgia towns. Since the advent of fast-food chains, you don't see as many soda fountains as you used to in Georgia, but there are still a few that offer a throwback to an earlier time. Here are a few of our favorites.

Dinglewood Pharmacy, Columbus

Scrambled Dog at Dinglewood Pharmacy in Columbus, Georgia
Scrambled Dog at Dinglewood Pharmacy in Columbus, Georgia

Fill your prescriptions with a side of fun called the scrambled hot dog at Dinglewood Pharmacy in Columbus. It's a hot dog cut into pieces, smothered with slow-cooked chili, and topped with pickles, oyster crackers and coleslaw. Decorate it with mustard, onions, relish or cheese. It's a meal fit for kings, literally. Former Governor and Mrs. Busby treated His Royal Highness Prince Charles to Scrambled Dogs at the Governor’s Mansion in 1976 during the Royal visit to celebrate Georgia's Bicentennial. Order yours at the counter and finish your meal with a hot fudge sundae. This local favorite won the 2017 Readers Choice Award from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and was named one of Georgia's 100 Plates Locals Love in 2016.

Madison Drug Company, Madison

Madison Drug Company in Madison, Georgia

Sure, you can pick up your prescription at Madison Drug Company near downtown Madison, but you can also get a whole lot more. There's the boutique stocked with the perfect gift for any occasion, as well as the outfit to wear to the party. The black and white checkerboard tiled diner is perfect for a casual date. Cozy up in a booth where bare legs stick to the seat on a hot summer day, and share a chocolate milkshake with two straws.

Clayton Pharmacy, Clayton

Freshly squeezed Orangeade at Clayton Pharmacy
Freshly squeezed Orangeade at Clayton Pharmacy

Before 1 p.m., it may be hard to get a seat at the counter of this North Georgia favorite on South Main Street in Clayton, but afterward, you shouldn't have any trouble. Ask about the fresh-squeezed drink of the day or get a real cherry Coke. The homemade milkshakes come highly recommended, too.

Published: August 2018
Written by: Sue Rodman
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