Chicopee Woods MTB Trails in Gainesville, Georgia
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Mountain bike trails at Chicopee Woods in Gainesville

5 Mountain Bike Trails to Try in Gainesville

Explore the beautiful pine and hardwood forest in the northeast Georgia mountains on 21 miles of mountain bike trails at Chicopee Woods.


Tortoise mountain bike trail in Chicopee Woods
Tortoise mountain bike trail in Chicopee Woods


Spend a whole day exploring 21 miles of dedicated mountain bike trails winding through Chicopee Woods in Gainesville. The five bike trails of Chicopee Woods are set in a beautiful pine and hardwood forest of the Northeast Georgia Mountains, with Elachee Nature Science Center right around the corner. The Gainesville chapter of the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) does an amazing job of maintaining this network of interconnected loops, offering something fun for every skill level.


White Tail Trail in Chicopee Woods
White Tail Trail in Chicopee Woods


Warm up on the beginner-friendly gateway, Tortoise Trail. The 2.6-mile wide singletrack is clear of major rock and root system obstacles. Gentle climbs and lots of gradual downhill make a perfect, well-balanced warm-up or first-time ride.

Skilled mountain bike riders hop from Tortoise Trail to the excitement of White Tail Trail. White Tail takes intermediate riders twisting and turning on a descent to the creek. The 4.7-mile White Tail Trail is the key to connecting with other fast-flowing trails like Red Tail Trail and Flying Squirrel.

Finally, advanced mountain bike riders enjoy the technical challenges of adding Copperhead Gap’s 4.7 miles to their rides.


White Tail Trail in Chicopee Woods
White Tail Trail in Chicopee Woods


Chicopee Woods Mountain Bike Trail breakdown:

Tortoise Trail, Beginner – A quick 2.6-mile loop with very little elevation change and virtually no technical aspects.

White Tail Trail, Intermediate – 4.7 miles descending to the creek with some fun twisty, turny switchbacks.

Red Tail Trail, Intermediate – At 1.5 miles, this short and sweet side trail is a smooth rolling ride through the woods.

Flying Squirrel, Intermediate – 4.7 miles of fantastic flowing singletrack with some technical flair and a bridge crossing the creek.

Copperhead Gap, Difficult – Ride for 3.5 miles with plenty of technical difficulties for advanced mountain bike riders.

Published: November 2015
Written by: Candy Cook
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