Go Fish Education Center
Candy Cook

Go Fish Education Center in Perry, Georgia

Where to Learn About Fishing in Georgia

There’s something fishy deep in Georgia’s Historic Heartland region, and I got to the bottom of it on my latest visit to Perry. You might recognize the quiet Southern town of Perry as home to the Georgia National Fairgrounds. It’s also home of the Go Fish Education Center, where summer kicks off with Free Fishing Days.

The Go Fish Education Center is the perfect place for beginners or experts looking for some “reel” good fishing tips. The journey begins on an educational walk to meet fish from mountain streams and blackwater swamps to the coastal rivers.

Aquariums at the Go Fish Center are modeled after natural habitats to give a good look at Georgia’s variety of aquatic wildlife like catfish, bass, eels and alligator snapping turtles. Modern, interactive exhibits offer information about where to fish, what to keep in a tackle box, and even game simulations before heading out to the stocked pond where a rod and reel are waiting.

Fishing simulator at the Go Fish Education Center
Fishing simulator at the Go Fish Education Center

Georgia’s Go Fish Education Center is extending hours for summer fun, releasing a new short film, and inviting everyone to reel in a great catch during June’s Free Fishing Days. For two days, June 6 and 13, Georgia celebrates recreational fishing, and no one needs a fishing license to go fish!

Published: May 2015
Written by: Candy Cook
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