Georgia Wine Country Festival in Dahlonega
Georgia Wine Country Festival in Dahlonega

Nappalachia Music

Take a road trip to enjoy these North Georgia wine and music pairings.

“Wineries have opened up this whole new, exciting venue for both the homegrown talent and for touring artists,” says Bob Fortin, a local promoter and festival producer. Fortin’s impresario career has stuck to a noticeable theme — he used to manage Atlanta-based jam band The Grapes, and now he operates a booking agency called Grapevine Talent. “Here, we try to create an informal, affordable atmosphere where kids and pets are welcome, and we celebrate our roots, both in music and in the earth.”

The Georgia Wine Highway stretches from Young Harris to Savannah, but most of the state’s wineries are clustered in North Georgia, where the fruit of the vine enjoys a felicitous pairing with live music. Think of it as “Nappalachia.” Just as these vintners bring different varietals, blends and levels of pouring generosity to their tasting rooms, many have developed their own musical personalities, as well. 

Visit the North Georgia Wineries Trip page to learn more about the wineries in North Georgia, use the itinerary below to find wineries that frequently host live music and festivals, and listen to music popular at the North Georgia wineries in the "Our Nappalachia Picks" playlist.

Published: March 2018