3-D Archery Range at Panola Mountain State Park

Unforgettable Experiences at Panola Mountain State Park

Home to one of Georgia's most unusual natural landscapes, Panola Mountain's pristine granite outcrop is a true hidden gem. In fact, this "sister" of Stone Mountain is considered the crown jewel of Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area for its ecological and cultural significance.

Hiking Panola Mountain State Park

Hiking Panola Mountain State Park

Guided Hikes

Visitors join experts, on and off the trail, to explore the park's interesting history and unique ecosystems with guided hikes throughout the year. Hiking to the summit is a breathtaking experience along a delicate trail featuring thick, multi-colored blankets of moss and lichen that cling to the rock surfaces. Both Stone Mountain and Atlanta are visible from the summit offering spectacular sunset views. The park has experienced its fair share of Georgia's colorful history, offering a look back in time with tours to discover hidden cemeteries and old time whiskey stills.

Tree climbing at Panola Mountain State Park
Tree climbing at Panola Mountain State Park

Tree Climbing & Canopy Camping

Ascend into a 200 year old Southern Red Oak for an adventure like no other climbing, swinging, and even sleeping in the canopy above! The introduction to recreational climbing is ongoing through spring with an overnight camping experience scheduled for September.

Monadnock Madness

This annual event challenges hikers to complete climbs of Stone Mountain, Arabia Mountain and Panola Mountain. Visit each one throughout the month or tackle them all in a single day to earn a special souvenir. Dedicated tour guides at all three locations point out vernal pools, diamorpha and treat visitors to inside information about these incredible ecosystems.


Learn the basics of archery at the park’s indoor range or challenge your skills with an advanced course along the 3-D range trail. Certified instructors guide beginners and help advanced archers focus on accuracy indoors and out. All equipment is provided for archers ages 9 and up!


The Rockdale River/Arabia Mountain PATH trail is one of the easiest included in Georgia State Parks’ Muddy Spokes Club. The 12 miles of paved trail sees a 50 ft elevation change with opportunities to view a variety of wildlife along the way. The relatively easy trail is perfect for family bike rides or as the starting block for completing the Muddy Spokes challenge.

Published: February 2019
Written by: Candy Cook
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