Georgia Guidestones

With more than 45 active quarries, Elberton is the world’ s “granite capital.” Granite forms the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, a monument with messages carved in 12 languages. (Visit the Granite Museum to learn more about the industry and see the statue of “Dutchy.”) Outdoor activities like boating are plentiful here, and golfers can play an outstanding round at Arrowhead Pointe.

Elberton is known as the "Granite Capital of the World," with more than 45 quarries producing more granite monuments than any other area in the world. The Georgia Guidestones are a local mystery and display a 10-part message in 12 languages to mankind. Learn more about the granite industry and the statue of Dutchy at the Granite Museum, which contains historical exhibits, artifacts, educational displays and materials depicting current and past events in the rich heritage of the Elberton Granite Industry. Downtown Elberton is pretty and includes the historic Elbert County Courthouse and the Elbert Theatre.

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