Couple on the balcony at The Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia

Haunted tales abound at The Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia

Spend an Evening in one of Georgia's Haunted Hotels

Potential ghost encounters add to the experience at these Georgia hotels.

Sometimes a simple spooky story can leave you constantly looking over your shoulder. Especially in the wee hours of the morning, when it’s darkest outside, and the creaks in an old house are amplified. The ghosts of these haunted hotels in Georgia are mostly friendly, but their presence can still keep you up at night. What do you think? Are you up for a stay at one of these haunted hotels in Georgia?

The Marshall House in Savannah

A lot has happened in Savannah since The Marshall House opened in 1851 -- most notably, the Civil War. During the war, the Marshall House was used as a hospital. The hotel was again used for medical purposes two more times when yellow fever broke out in the 19th century. Guests report seeing ghosts in the hallways, locking bathroom stalls, turning on faucets, and the sounds of marbles and rubber balls rolling in the hallways.

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The Marshall House isn't the only haunted hotel in Savannah. For an all-around spooky experience, check out this list of Savannah's boutique hotels and inns with haunted reputations.

Exterior nighttime view of The Windsor Hotel in Americus, Georgia

The Windsor Hotel in Americus, Georgia

The Windsor Hotel in Americus

Legend has it that you can hear the laughter of a little girl running down the halls of The Windsor Hotel at night. The hotel was built in 1892, and the girl is said to be the daughter of a former housekeeper. The housekeeper and girl were pushed down the elevator shaft in the early 1900s and have haunted the hotel ever since.

Floyd Lowery is another Windsor Hotel employee that loves the hotel so much he can’t leave. He served as a doorman and elevator man for 40 years and is apparently still quite helpful. Toast to his memory with a glass of wine or cocktail in Floyd's Pub, named for the genial spirit.

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Exterior view of The Partridge Inn in Augusta, Georgia

The Partridge Inn in Augusta, Georgia

The Partridge Inn in Augusta

The Partridge Inn is a beautiful Southern mansion built in 1836 with a wide veranda perfect for outdoor weddings. The story goes that a beautiful young girl was preparing for such an event at the hotel when she received the news that her fiancé, who was mistaken for a soldier wanted for treason, was shot on the way to the wedding. The heartbroken girl is said to wander the halls of the hotel in her wedding dress.

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Aerial view of the Jekyll Island Club Resort

Jekyll Island Club Resort on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island Club Resort on Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island Club Resort was once a winter retreat for America’s richest families, including the Rockefellers, Pulitzers and Vanderbilts. It seems that one of the club members, J. Pierpont Morgan, never left. While vacationing in the Sans Souci condos, Morgan enjoyed the scenic views from the third-story balcony. His spirit still enjoys watching the Jekyll River while smoking his favorite cigar. Guests who wake up early in the morning can sometimes smell the cigar smoke. 

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Aerial view of Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, Georgia

Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, Georgia

Barnsley Resort in Adairsville

Sometimes you just can’t make up all the twists and turns in a true-life story. The story behind the beautiful Barnsley Resort is such a tale. The Manor House was built by Godfrey Barnsley for his true love, his wife Julia, on former Cherokee land. The estate was originally called Woodlands, and you can learn all about the colorful history in a museum located in the kitchen house adjacent to the stately manor house ruins. If you’re lucky, you might even find Godfrey and Julia walking around.

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Published: September 2023
Written by: Sue Rodman
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