Korean BBQ at Breakers

Korean BBQ at Breakers in Duluth, Georgia

Where to Go for Korean Food in Georgia

You love food and you have the Instagram account to prove it. Your wanderlust has taken you near and far in search of the best dishes a city has to offer. You've heard Georgia is where it’s at for delicious farm-to-table dishes, down home meat-and-threes, and of course our addictive sweet tea. But did you know that just off the beaten path, there's a suburb of Atlanta home to some of the best Korean food this side of the Pacific?

Just 30 minutes north of Atlanta in Gwinnett County are dozens of authentic, mouth-watering Korean restaurants and bakeries that will make you re-think that 15-hour round-trip ticket to Seoul you've been lusting after. From barbecue to bulgogi, misugaru to soju, Gwinnett has you covered for all things Korean.


Harue Cafe Korean Food

Harue Cafe Korean Food

If you have a big group and want to experience LOTS of different Korean dishes in one sitting, then Harue Korean Chicken Snack Bar in Duluth is your spot. Harue offers up Korean snack foods like fried or sweet and spicy chicken (it is the South after all), dumplings and toppokki -- a popular dish with soft rice cake, fish cake and the sweet red chili sauce. They also have an interesting take on sushi -- not really authentic Korean, but delicious nonetheless.

The Best Korean Barbecue in the United States

breakers korean bbq duluth georgia

Breakers Korean BBQ in Duluth, Georgia

The upscale, table-side service at Breakers Korean BBQ in Duluth highlights the best Korean barbecue Gwinnett has to offer. Paper-thin brisket, lightly smoked pork belly crisps, shredded piles of bulgogi, and spice-marinated chicken thighs. All this comes with an endless procession of banchan (side dishes), including kimchee, marinated vegetables, bean sprouts and stir-fry glass noodles.

breakers in georgia
Breakers Korean BBQ in Duluth, Georgia

We're not the only ones that love Breakers. It was named the top Korean BBQ restaurant in the nation and you’ll see why! With partitioned areas for big groups and a sleek, zen-like décor, the atmosphere alone with worth the trip to the Atlanta suburb. Breakers really should be on your foodie bucket list.

Korean Sweet Treats

korean bakery in georgia

Tree Story Bakery and Cafe

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? You can't miss the delightful treats at Tree Story Bakery and Café in Duluth. From custard buns to patbingsu (shaved ice with sweet red beans, fruit and ice cream), to cookies and cakes, Tree Story has something for every level of adventurous eater. Don't leave without trying the misugaru -- a delicious milky iced tea made from a blend of powdered grains. It's a great twist on Southern sweet tea.

While it's the top destination for Korean food, Gwinnett has so much more to offer. There are plenty of places you can go to take in a show, explore a festival, catch a movie under the stars, or work off all the calories you just consumed on the ice. Grab a great meal and make some unforgettable memories!

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If, somehow, you’re still not satisfied with all the delicious food at these three places, you can check out all the restaurants featured in Gwinnett's Seoul of the South Tour on their website ExploreGwinnett.org.

Published: October 2019