Lakeith Stanfield, Donald Glover and Brian Tyree Henry in FX Networks' show Atlanta
FX Networks

Lakeith Stanfield, Donald Glover and Brian Tyree Henry in FX Networks' show "Atlanta."

Top Film Locations for FX Networks' 'Atlanta'

The award-winning show "Atlanta" on FX Networks takes you places all the locals know.

Stone Mountain native Donald Glover won accolades, including a Golden Globe, for his FX Networks show "Atlanta." The TV show tells of a young father who teams up with his aspiring rapper cousin and his friend to make names for themselves in the city’s music industry. Much of the city is featured as background, especially the Bankhead area, located west of downtown Atlanta. Fans of the show will want to check out these Atlanta filming locations.

See the real places used in the TV show 'Atlanta'

Burger and fries from Zesto in Atlanta

Zesto Drive-In

The Moreland Avenue location in Atlanta (now closed) was used when Earn wants to order a kid's meal, but the power tripping manager won't allow it. Instead, he gets a cup for water and fills it with soda. The Zesto Drive-In is known for its vintage-inspired atmosphere, selling everything from ice cream to hot dogs to the "Chubby Decker" burger. Named for the Zest-O-Mat ice cream machines, the restaurant has been in operation in the city since 1949. Three of the original locations still exist.

J.R. Crickets on North Avenue in Atlanta

J.R. Crickets

The boys wait for a to-go order at this wings joint while Earn is still in jail. Alfred doesn't like people to watch him eat, but the manager gives him and Darius "lemon pepper wet" wings that aren't on the menu. The scene was filmed at the J.R. Crickets North Avenue location, a former IHOP, where the restaurant moved after a fire damaged the original building in 2013. Open since 1982, you'll see why "the wing is the thing." They also serve burgers and sandwiches in their 18 locations around Georgia.

Cameli’s Pizza

Cameli’s Pizza

Over-the-top hipster Zan trash talks Paper Boi on the Internet in episode 4, so he comes to find him at his workplace, Cameli’s Pizza. Midtown and downtown are in the background, but the restaurant has locations only in Little Five Points. The trick of movie magic means you won't get your pie where they filmed, but you can still taste their "pizza for the people." Fill up with a Monster Slice, made with a thin crust.

Cobb Civic Center

Cobb Civic Center

Paper Boi wants to raise his profile by competing in a charity basketball competition with other local celebrities including Jaleel "Urkel" White and "Justin Bieber." Episode 5 was filmed at the Cobb Civic Center, in a suburb north of Atlanta. The complex includes Hudgins Hall, home to the basketball court used in the show, as well as the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre, where local plays and productions are performed. Stop by the nearby Marietta Square for great restaurants, museums and plenty of things to do.

Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Georgia

Gas South Arena

Instead of filming at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Gas South Arena in Duluth filled in. Earn and his friend work in the airport getting travelers to sign up for airline credit cards in episode 1. They wear colors similar to a major Atlanta airline and complain as one of their coworkers signs up customers with ease. The center is used for concerts, plays and indoor sporting events.

Published: January 2022
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