kids running to find Island Treasures on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Families love to search for Island Treasures on Jekyll Island, Georgia, in winter.

3 Must-See Places in Winter

Stay active outdoors this winter hunting treasure in the Golden Isles, hiking Georgia's Little Grand Canyon and exploring prehistoric archeological sites scattered across the state.

Woman sitting on a tree on Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Photo by @mollymartin_44

Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Photo by @mollymartin_44

Jekyll Island

Two kinds of treasure hunts take place on the shores of Jekyll Island during the winter months. The island getaway offers numerous opportunities to view rare, migratory wildlife making the journey south in search of warmer weather. In addition to bald eagles and merganser ducks, winter brings the chance to spot endangered North Atlantic right whales on their way to critical southern calving grounds.

Throughout January and February, Jekyll also hosts the unique Island Treasures event. You can hunt for stunning glasswork globes created by talented artisans from across the country. Originally, the orbs were glass floats that broke free from fishermen's nets and washed ashore. In the 1950s, collecting the orbs became a beachcombing hobby. Jekyll Island continues the tradition today with this wintertime activity.

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Man hiking in snow-dusted Providence Canyon State Park in Lumpkin, Georgia. Photo by @ludwig_lory83

Providence Canyon State Park in Lumpkin, Georgia. Photo by @ludwig_lory83

Providence Canyon

One of Georgia's Seven Natural Wonders, Providence Canyon State Park cuts through the colorful soils of south Georgia, offering a recreational experience found nowhere else in the state. Wintertime visitors enjoy beautiful views of the multi-colored canyon unobstructed by warm weather vegetation.

The rim trail takes hikers to overlooks at various points around the canyon edge, while the canyon loop trail descends into the canyons to explore the interesting formations. A 7-mile backcountry trail includes six primitive, backcountry campsites with excellent views of the night sky.

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Woman hiking across a field at Kolomoki Mounds State Park in Blakely, Georgia. Photo by @westy4xer

Kolomoki Mounds State Park in Blakely, Georgia. Photo by @westy4xer

Indian Mounds

Winter is one of the best times to visit Georgia's prehistoric Indian mounds. The mounds are scattered in clusters around the state from Etowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site in Cartersville, Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park in Macon, and Kolomoki Mounds State Park in Blakely.

Each of these locations features Woodland-period mound complexes built by the early inhabitants of the region. Explore interpretive centers with fantastic archeological collections, hike nature trails and climb staircases for sweeping views of these sites showcasing Native American heritage.

Visit Native American sites in Georgia

Published: December 2023
Written by: Candy Cook
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