Fort Mountain in Chatsworth, Georgia

Three Winter Hikes for Georgia Families

Hiking in winter affords views of the Georgia mountains that are not available when the foliage is full. Rocks, tree trunks and nature’s architecture offer a different perspective that can be just as beautiful as a newly bloomed flower of spring. Here are three of our family’s favorite winter explorations in Georgia.

Fort Mountain State Park (Chatsworth): Fort Mountain has amazing views and great historical markers, like the tower and wall. Perfect for viewing in the bare winter season.

There are plenty of hiking trails for the entire family at Fort Mountain, so you might consider making a weekend of it. We stayed at one of the newly refurbished cabins cabins, which are just spectacular.

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Blood Mountain (Blairsville): Blood Mountain easily comes to mind because of the diverse rocky terrain and the fun shelter at the end of the trail. Add to that amazing panoramic views, and you’ve got a winter hike like no other!

Blood Mountain is about 4.5 miles, and it is a climb. I would not recommend it for a kid’s first hike. It’s great for kids that hike regularly (my son was 6 years old when he first completed it without being carried) or teenagers. If you have hiking poles, this is the perfect hike on which to use them.

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George L Smith State Park (Twin City): Explore a different kind of winter trail here: a water trail. Wind your way through black water and bare cypress trees, which reflect off the lake like towering giants reaching for the clouds.

You can explore the grist mill and dam from 1880. Nearby is also Magnolia Springs Park where you can explore a Civil War POW museum and see a natural spring.

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Published: January 2016
Written by: Lesli Peterson