Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, Georgia

Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, Georgia

ATVs to Zombies: Three Days of Extraordinary Adventures for Groups

Veer your group tour away from the well-known tourist attractions and explore some of Georgia's surprising treasures and destinations.

Georgia's byways and back roads are filled with adventures, learning and fun. Head north to travel quiet trails through the Blue Ridge Mountains, or go south to see elegant, antebellum homes and Civil War battle sites. If you'd rather, schedule an overnight retreat to rest and reflect, or get up close and personal with tigers and capuchin monkeys at a wildlife sanctuary.

You'll find exciting experiences and warm, Southern hospitality in small towns and cities throughout the state. Take Georgia's highways to wander where you will, and then step off the beaten path to find the hidden gems. 

Published: December 2017