An gray asphalt road winds down a hill flanked by open, grassy lawns in North Georgia. There are clouds of mist in the distance right above the dense forest of trees colored red and orange for fall. In the background is the jagged hill of a mountain covered in trees.

Scenic road in North Georgia. Photo by @viewfindernc

6 Scenic Georgia Drives

Hit the road to experience some of the most picturesque drives in Georgia!

Turn off the highway and enjoy a more leisurely route through Georgia's small towns on some of the state's most scenic routes. From twists and turns through North Georgia's forested mountains to picturesque stretches through salt marshes on the coast, these routes are not only fun to drive, but they also offer plenty of interesting places to stop along the way. 

Get out of the car to stretch at a state park, learn about historic events at a local museum, spot wildlife at nature preserves, and stop for a bite to eat at a locally owned restaurant. These routes are more about the things you can see and do along the way than they are about getting somewhere in a hurry.

Choose a part of the state you want to explore next: Northwest Georgia, Northeast Georgia, Southeastern Georgia, Western Georgia, South Georgia or the Coast.

Head in a new direction, take your time and enjoy the ride.

Published: September 2023
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