Photo by Mary Ann Bates

 Duane Allman and Berry Oakley Gravesite at Rose Hill Cemetery.

A Grave Expedition

Take a road trip to discover these musicians' final resting places in Georgia.

In the introduction to Tombstone Tourist, author Scott Stanton notes that he was inspired to write the 2003 book — a guide to the gravesites of famous musicians — after a visit to Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon where Duane Allman and Berry Oakley are buried. While there have long been cemetery enthusiasts who enjoy taking photographs, making gravestone rubbings or just sitting in quiet contemplation, for many music fans, the opportunity to visit the gravesite of a favorite artist is an emotional gesture of respect and tribute.

With such a rich music heritage, it’s only natural that from the coast to the mountains, the Peach State is dotted with the final resting places of many a picker, strummer and soul-shouter — some of whom lived long, full, lives and others who were taken far too soon. Although any list would inevitably be incomplete, here are a few gravesites that fans visit. Remember to be respectful — a grave is hardly the place to “leave a mark” or litter — and let your fascination be your guide.

Below, use the itinerary to discover those final resting places from the mountains to the coast for Georgia's famous musicians, and listen to music by blues artists in the "Resting in Georgia" playlist.

Published: March 2018